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Wendigo was formed by members of the highly acclaimed bands, Stonehenge and Da Capo in Hungary in 2003. www.wendigo.hu They introduced the new band with a 3-song EP (Reconnecting, 2004), followed by their debut album (Let It Out, 2006)

Their goal was clear from the start: to combine clear modern metal with the exigent heritage of the predecessor groups. This way, by mixing different style elements, the band started to achieve a unique sound.

They have recorded their first EP in 2004, to show these features to the audience and to the media. The first reviews and critics have justified the band's efforts - most of them highlighted the fact, that using several styles, the band could achieve a unique sound and homogeneous musical world.

So, what is the secret of Wendigo's recipe?
The foundations are the crunchy guitar riffs from the modern metal world, accompanied by tricky basslines and drum grooves. It is spiced up with highly diverse vocals - sometimes melodic, sometimes screaming or growling. The melodic, multi-layered choruses will make each songs unforgettable. And to make sure that Wendigo's music will be fresh after multiple spins, are the small musical tricks and virtuoso guitar solos.

The band started touring, but also played together with acknowledged performers, like the swedish Pain Of Salvation or Fates Warning from the US. The band became a well known part of the domestic concert-scene, and the media started to grant their live shows: They often mentioned, that their energetic and precise performances make them suitable for various audiences from modern metal orientated ones through progressive or even hardcore / metalcore fans. Wendigo started to look beyond the borderlines, they played successful concerts outside of Hungary too. As the reviews say: No matter if there is a small club or a big stage, a festival or a concert alone, Wendigo can easily and quickly find the way to the heart and soul of any audience.

In Hungary, their debut album has been released in the summer of 2006, under their own name as a label, distributed by the biggest domestic metal company, Nail Records. Right after the release, the media started to publish extremely positive critics and reviews about it, so the band started to look for possibilities for releasing the album in other countries of the world too. Since then, the first music video was filmed for the song Thousand Voices - it is available on the band's website.

In October of 2009 the band published its second full album, Audio Leash. It is downloadable from the official site and from torrent sites for free. At the same time Wendigo stated it's "intermission for an unkown time".