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There are at least fours artists with the name Empress:

1) An indie band from Leeds, England.
2) A post-rock band from Gold Coast, Australia.
3) A doom band from Vancouver, Canada.
4) A disco band of the 1980's from the United States.

For the progressive metal band from London, England, see Empress AD

1. Hailing from Leeds (Northern England) Empress consist of Nicola Hodgkins of Hood, The Remote Viewer and Boyracer and Christopher Coyle of Halkyn. After releasing an EP and Album for Pehr they jumped to Stephen Pastels label Geographic after touring with The Pastels and put out the self-titled album Empress. Their latest album The Sound They Made was composed in between train rides with Chris traveling from Wales to Leeds throughout a year and released back on Pehr in 2003.

4. A post-rock/indie/alternative rock band from the Gold Coast in Australia. They released their first self-titled album in April 2017. See: www.empressempress.bandcamp.com.

3. Formed from the members of two notable Vancouver sludge and hardcore bands, Empress blends heavy sludge and doom with elements of post-rock. They released their first album titled "Reminiscence" in September 2017. Empress contains members of Vancouver bands Witch of the Waste, Craters and Seer. See: www.thisisempress.bandcamp.com and www.metal-archives.com/bands/Empress/3540438640

4. A disco band which released one album in 1982. Produced, written and performed by Crown Heights Affair and the singer Gail Smith. Their single "Dyin' To Be Dancin'" is considered an all time post disco-boogie classic.