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Dead To A Dying World - Reprise [2018]
(Blackened Sludge/Doom Metal)

  1. Concrete and Steel

  2. Stagnation

  3. We Enter the Circle at Night... (Pt 1)

  4. ...And Are Consumed by Fire (Pt 2)

  5. Dance Me To the End of Love (cover Leonard Cohen)

  6. Play 5 tracks: 0:50:55

Dead To A Dying World
Dead To A Dying World is band from Dallas, Texas with 7 members, they add cello, upright bass to this epic tunes...songs that have the epicness of blackened crust such as bands like Blacken The Skies, Garmonbozia or Oroku, but at the same time they incorporate slowly and dark melodies who sound more like atmospheric sludge, plus some black metal here and there with female vocals. Read more on

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