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Scorched By The Flaming Goat - Debate [2018]
(Symphonic/Blackened Death Metal/Deathcore)

  1. Debate

  2. Play 1 track: 0:05:18

Scorched By The Flaming Goat
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Founded In: 2012
Hometown: Santiago, Chile
Genre: Blackened Death Metal // Deathcore // Symphonic Death Metal
Record Label: Unsigned

Nacho (Ignacio) - Vox
Tomás - Guitar
Benjamin - Guitar
Rodolfo - Drums
Marcel - Bass

“Scorched By The Flaming Goat” is a Blackened Death Metal / Symphonic Deathcore band from Santiago Chile, is a new band that shows us their talent, giving us their new song “Colossal Decadence” Read more on

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